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Scrum Master Interview Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Asking the right questions during your interview is just as important as your own responses to the questions you get asked. It also helps you get to know the people you’ll be working with, build rapport and make sure the organization is the right fit for you.

Below are some questions you, as a Scrum Master or Agile Project Manager, can ask the interviewer of the company looking to hire.

Understanding how the Scrum Master fits into the Organization

Responsibilities that a Scrum Master or Project Manager Sometimes Help With

Test the Waters and Get to Know the Organization

Some Questions You’ll Wish You Asked Before You Accepted Their Offer

Knowing About Their Processes Will Be Helpful

Are They Even Agile?

Working Remote

Obviously you should not ask ALL of these questions or too many. Use your intuition to judge how many and what kind of questions you should ask. Make sure you listen to the person interviewing you, and that you don’t ask the same questions they just asked you!

And make the interview more of a conversation in some respect. Meaning, ask your questions throughout the interview as organically as you can. You don’t need to necessarily wait until the end of the interview to ask questions.

Let us know what other questions you asked during your interview.

Good Luck! And more importantly– Enjoy Life!

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